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Tourism East Arnhem is the peak regional tourism body supporting the growth of the tourism industry in the East Arnhem Land region of Australia's Northern Territory.

Established in 2004 as the East Arnhem Land Tourist Association, Tourism East Arnhem represents the interests of a broad community which seeks to leverage our strong environmental, cultural and adventure tourism assets.

As a peak body, Tourism East Arnhem enjoys a positive relationship with key stakeholders including traditional owners, the Northern Territory and Federal Governments as well as supporting non-government organisations such as the Developing East Arnhem Limited (DEAL).


EALTA is working closely with its membership and strategic partners to implement a strategic vision which showcases our unique environmental, cultural and adventure tourism assets.

Working with the East Arnhem Tourism Working Group, EALTA has developed a strategic pathway, including a set of critical short term priorities.

EALTA's broad strategic intent is;


  1. to deliver a range of support to our membership base which helps members improve their tourism product and service offering.

  2. advocate for enhanced Australian and Territory Government funding, focus and support for infrastructure and projects which delivers a quality regional tourism offering.


During the 2020-2021 period and beyond, EALTA will be working with its members as well as advocating via key stakeholders to;

  • Ensure a comprehensive understanding of tourism stakeholder roles and responsibilities and projects underway within the tourism space to enhance collaboration and cohesion.

  • Map employment opportunities and skills requirements to support development of tourism employment pathways and business opportunities.

  • Ensure East Arnhem is well represented in Northern Territory tourism promotion, is capable of supporting its own promotion through regionally led initiatives and has accessible, online information to support increased visitation.

  • Work with traditional owners to identify interests in tourism development on their lands.

  • Develop a partner and investor attraction strategy.